NameSurnamee-mail AddressRegional OfficeMobile Number
NancyMatomolamatomolanancy@gmail.comKatima Mulilo0812236703
MathewSeibebmathewseibeb@yahoo.comWalvis Bay0812427535

Roles and responsibilities of the SRC

  • Members of the SRC should submit a comprehensive monthly report of activities, challenges and progress observed per the template provided by the institution.
  • They must encourage students to air their views through meetings over chat groups/e-mails etc. Minutes and attendance list must be provided to IOL.
  • They should communicate information from the students to the management of the Institution through reports and e-mails. Every correspondence should be in writing.
  • They should attend meetings with management when needed (IOL will be responsible for the cost incurred during the meeting i.e travelling and accommodation)
  • Communicate information from institution to students when need be.
  • Ensure general welfare of students at the institution
  • Plays an advisory role to the institutions management as well as the students in matters involving students.
  • Seeks to build healthy student-institution relationship.
  • Be responsible for all learning matters affecting students.
  • Protecting students against prejudice and discrimination based on race, gender or any other barriers.

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