Distance education is a mode of study that allows you to fit your learning around your work and home life. You get to determine your own pace; you decide when and where you study; and it doesn’t matter where you live, you can gain a qualification from anywhere in Namibia.

Distance education is different to full time study in that there are no full time lecturers. However, as a fully distance education institution, IOL has provided various avenues to ensure that students have full and quality support in achieving their academic goals.

One of these are pre-recorded lectures of subject-matter experts (tutors) advising on examinations and giving academic guidance and information pertaining to the qualifications. Students are requested to attend contact classes on Saturdays, prior to the examinations, to watch these recordings. Students receive feedback forms on which they can note down questions and information while watching the lectures. Course Coordinators present at the contact classes will note down all queries and distribute to the relevant tutors.

Tutors will respond to all the questions and queries during the week after the contact class via text message/ phone call/ e-mail. Students may contact/follow-up with the tutor during the week between 18:00 and 20:00 via phone for further clarity. Outside of these hours, student may send a text message or an e-mail for the tutor to respond at a later time.

These lectures are uploaded onto IOL’s YouTube channel for later viewing by students who could not attend the lectures. Recordings serve as additional study material and examination preparation. Although the recordings are available online, attending the viewings in a group may expose you to academic concerns that you may not have thought of. The classes are also an opportunity to ensure tailored clarification on anything that you do not understand.

The timetable for these classes is made available in the Informanté newspaper, on IOL’s Facebook page, the Student Portal, as well via text message.

Distance education is an advantage in that you get to set the pace of your learning and you get to study at any institution in the world from the comfort of your home. The disadvantage however is that , life happens, and it is difficult to maintain discipline. The support services offered by IOL are to ensure that your distance education studies are as smooth as possible and completed within the prescribed time frame.

For that reason, IOL is always very eager to hear your feedback regarding our services, and especially tutors in this case.It is for this reason that IOL requests students to complete the evaluation and customer service feedback forms after every contact class. These help us in maintaining the quality of the support services we provide to students at no extra cost.

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