Basic First Aid (BFA) is a compulsory subject for all education qualifications offered by IOL, except the Advanced Certificate in Secondary Education (ACSE), the Advanced Certificate

in Primary Education (ACPE), and the Bachelor of Education Honours (BEDHONS).



School Based Studies (SBS) is one of the compulsory subjects for all the education qualifications, except for BEDHONS.
A student needs to meet specific requirements to do SBS – see the table below for more information.

Question: When can I start with SBS?

SBS is the PRACTICAL part of the training where the student goes to a school for three or four weeks depending on the qualification they are studying towards. The school term in which the SBS is conducted is irrelevant, the subject should however be done within a specific time frame. The student does his/her SBS at a school offering the education phases for the qualification being studied towards. DJPE for example is a junior primary qualification; the student will therefore have to do SBS at a school with a junior primary phase.

There are certain requirements to be met before SBS may be done at a school. The student will receive an SMS to inform him/her whether they qualify for SBS. The student will then have to collect a confirmation letter from their nearest IOL office.

The confirmation letter contains all the information on the SBS subject including the time frames for the different regions

and a Principal Permission form. The student selects a time frame in a specific region and then obtains written permission from the school Principal to do SBS at his/ her school.

The completed written permission letter should be submitted to an IOL office where it will be scanned onto the system and the student will receive the SBS study guide and assignments. At the school,

the student will be expected to present
a certain number of lessons, according
to the requirements of the qualification studied. Some lesson presentations should be assessed by senior teachers/HODs/ Principal. The student should obtain at least 60% for presented lessons to pass.

The final mark for SBS consists of:

• a mark for assignment questions, obtain at least 60% to pass
• an average mark for Lesson Preparations, obtain at least 60% to pass

• an average mark for the Lesson Presentations, obtain at least 60% to pass

The school Principal needs to complete a report on the student’s performance and conduct at his/her SBS school. This report is forwarded to the regional office where it will be recorded on the IOLSAS system.

Requirements for Basic First Aid (BFA) and School Based Studies (SBS):

IOL offers at least two BFA training sessions per year, per regional office, as well as in Otjiwarongo.

Question: When is the best time

to do BFA?

The best time to do BFA is in the last semester of your qualification because the certificate is only valid for two years and should still be valid upon the date of completion of your studies.

The first BFA training is offered at no extra cost to the student. However, should the BFA certificate expire before the completion of the qualification, a student will have to re-do and pay for the training. Students are therefore advised to do the training in the last semester of their studies.

Students are informed via text message to book for the training. Should a student book and not show for the training, he/she will have to pay for

the next session. Should a student
have completed a first aid course at another accredited company and is in the possession of a valid certificate, the subject will be recognised and exempted.

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