Question 1: Why do some school principals not take in IOL SBS students at their schools?
Answer: Students need to get permission from the school principal to do their School Based Studies (SBS) at the specific school. IOL provides the student with the permission letter that the principal needs to sign should he\she agree. It is however the school principal’s decision to grant permission. It is important that students apply for SBS as soon as possible as there might be other students who also requested permission and the school can only accommodate a certain amount of students.

IOL however has received written permission from all Regional Directors of the Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture for IOL students to conduct SBS in the regions, and for IOL tutors and coordinators to visit and evaluate students at the schools in the different regions.

Question 2: What happens if you are left with modules and the course is terminated?
Answer: Should your course be terminated, you are allowed to re-register for the outstanding subjects but should keep in mind that you will only have two semesters to complete all the outstanding subjects. Should you not complete all the subjects within the two semesters, your course will be terminated and you will not be allowed to register for the same course again. Students who re-register will be required to re-submit assignments for the outstanding subjects.

Example: Should the student be re-registered in July 2018, the student has to submit the 2019 assignment(s) on 15 January 2019. The first examination session will then be in April 2019 and the last one in August 2019.

Question 3: Why do some tutors never reply to students?

Answer: Dealing with student queries is part of the tutor’s responsibilities. It is therefore important that students inform IOL if tutors do not attend to their queries. Students should immediately inform a staff member at their nearest Regional Office if a tutor repeatedly does not answer calls or reply to SMSs. The student should provide the following information: Tutor’s name; Subject responsible for; Date and time. IOL will then take it up with the relevant tutor.

Tutors attend to telephonic inquiries between 18:00 and 20:00 during weekdays. Please note: tutors are not available on the day prior to the examination of a specific subject. IOL requests students to always be respectful, professional and stick to the point when contacting tutors.

Question 4: Why does student material take so long to be received?
Answer: Student material is immediately available on the Student Portal upon registration. The student will receive an SMS with his/her student number, registered subjects and the password to the Student Portal.

This portal contains the following: Welcoming letter; Assignments; Old question papers; Study guides (Kindle format and PDF); Tutor lists; PowerPoint presentations of Contact Classes; Qualification outline and other information. This means that all the material are immediately available and the student can start studying immediately. Dispatching of the Kindles, textbooks and study guides are done directly from the IOL Head Office in Windhoek. IOL dispatches the material via postal or courier services to the nearest IOL Regional Office or a NamPost Office. Study material sent through NamPost must be collected within 15 working days. If the material is not collected within the stipulated 15 days, it will be returned to IOL. If you have not received your material within three (3) weeks after registration, you should contact the nearest IOL Regional Office.

Question 5: Why does IOL still deduct when NSFAF has paid off the loan?
Answer: IOL does not deduct instalments. Deductions are effected by Trustco Finance. Our office advises that such queries be relayed to Trustco Finance via email :

There are various reasons why deductions would continue after NSFAF made the payment, including outstanding balances prior to the NSFAF payment was made.

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