Question 1: Should the students do observation of the School Based Studies during their first week of their SBS?
Answer: It is advised that students observe during the first week of SBS, especially if in their first phase of SBS. This is also the time to complete page 8 and 9, number 7.1 and
7.2 namely ‘Effective learning environment observation sheet’ in two (2) different classes and to ask the teachers questions with regards to some of the topics.

Question 2: Is it possible for IOL to present the timetable to students before the booking? Answer: A draft timetable will be made available to all the regional offices at least four weeks before the examination. The timetable will be available on the Student Portal as soon as the examination booking period opens.

The booking period is at least a week, so that students have enough time to plan and book according to the dates on the examination timetable. Booking to write the examinations should be done immediately within one week of the assignment results being released. You will receive a sms notification as soon as the booking period opens; it will contain end dates of when you will be able to book. All bookings should be done via the Student Portal. The registration period will be closed after a week. You risk forfeiting one examination credit per subject should you, after booking, fail to turn up to write the subject without a valid reason. Valid reasons are authenticated only by the submission of a Medical Certificate.

Question 3: Does the Supplementary Examination also use credits?
Answer: Yes, any examination including Supplementary Examination uses examination credits. You have two examination credits
for each subject. You will be allowed a free examination re-write if you fail a subject. You will have to apply and pay to re-write for that specific subject should the examination be failed for the second time. Rewrite application forms are available at all IOL offices. Supplementary Examinations may only be written if you provide a Medical Certificate
(in the case of absence during the August examination) or if you obtained 45% or 49%
in the examinations. Should you not write a subject/subjects due to medical reasons or due to a close relative passing on, you will
be required to submit a Death Certificate within three days after your last subject was written. Close relatives include your mother, father, sibling, own child, spouse, or immediate grandparents.

Here’s what’s in store for you at the Induction

The purpose of the Induction initiative is to take all
IOL students through the IOL processes. You will be introduced to all the various quali cations and all student support services and gadgets such as the Student Portal and Kindle respectively.

There are always students that cannot attend these Inductions and as this is an important event, IOL opted to record an Induction video.

The Induction video will also be made available on IOL’s YouTube Channel and can be viewed at any IOL Student Support Resource Centre.

As an IOL student, attendance to Inductions is at no extra charge. Feel free to get clarity on anything you do not understand, as this opportunity is made for you to work toward your quali cation comfortably.

Inductions include the following information:

• Registration
• Assignments
• Examinations, examination credits and examination

• Assessment policy
• Contact Classes
• Electronic books/Kindle

• Student Portal
• Of ce 365
• IOL YouTube channel
• Student Representative Council (SRC)
• School Based Studies (SBS)
• Basic First Aid (BFA)
• IOL Mobile Of ce
• Counselling Services
• Study Buddy System
• Resource Centres and Regional Coordinators • The graduation ceremony
• Alumni


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