The Institute for Open Learning is embarking on a new venture in order to keep track of students that have completed their studies with IOL.

An Alumni is a graduate or former student of a school, college, institution or university.

The main purpose of the Alumni is to bring former students in contact with their fellow students, to be kept informed on the activities of their old alma mater and to learn more about fellow students that studied with them.

The Institute for Open Learning also want to keep track of the progress and development of students after completion of their studies. In addition IOL would like to evaluate the impact of completed studies on the career and social environment of former students.

The IOL Alumni services will initially include the following features:

  • Directory: Names and courses passed of all the graduated students

We are really excited about the launch of the Association and trust that you as a former student will be interested to form part of this historic event. The services and activities offered will increase as the Association grows.

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