The Institute for Open Learning is an accredited Distance Education Institution, which offers students the opportunity to study in various accredited fields.


Study guides are available in English for all IOL qualifications. A student may write examinations and submit assignments in English only. Contact sessions are conducted in English except in the language subjects.


– Personal details are on the system. Keep your personal information updated.
– All prior learning can be updated here.
– Statement, should the student have a loan.
– Your latest academic records. If there are any discrepancies, inform the IOL office.
– The examination timetable can be printed to be used for the application of study leave.

Student Portal

All students have access to the IOL student portal. The portal is available upon registration therefore while waiting for material, a student can make use of the portal.

The following is available on the portal
– Assignments
– Past examination papers
– Study guides (Kindle format and pdf)
– Tutor lists
– Contact Classes Powerpoint presentation
– Welcoming Letter
– Syllabi/Curriculum
– Course Outline


All new applications must be accompanied by certified copies of the following documents:
• Identification card (ID) or passport
• Prior academic and professional qualifications


Admission to Registration

No student will be admitted to the Academic qualification if he/she does not meet the admission requirements.

Students who wish to seek employment in another country after their studies, should confirm whether they would meet the requirements of the relevant authorities before commencing their studies.

Registration takes place throughout the year. Please note:

  • Students who enrol before 15 November will write their first examination in April/May.
  • Students who enrol before 15 April will write their first examination in August/September.
Semester (Registration) Assignment due date Examination
First Semester Register before 15 November 15 January April/May (during the school holiday)
Second Semester Register before 15 April 15 June August/September (during the school holiday)
Supplementary Examination Not applicable November/December

Supplementary examinations will only be written if the student provides a medical certificate (in the case of absence) or if a student obtains a 45-49% mark in the examinations.

The first semester commences 1 December and ends 31 March, while the second semester commences 1 May to 31 October.

Students should indicate on the registration application form (from the list provided), at which examination centres/venues he/she wishes to write examinations. The first examination opportunity will depend on when the students’ registration is finalised. Please refer to the examinations section of this booklet for more information.

After a student signed the Contract, 10 working days should be allowed to finalise registration on the IOL SAS database. After registration approval at the IOL Head Office, the students will receive an SMS with his/her student number, registered subjects and the default passport to their Student Portal. The student should receive his/her study material within three (3) weeks. Students are requested to contact the nearest IOL Regional Office or the Head Office if study material has not been received within this time frame. Students should compare the study material received with the checklist.


Address and Contact Details

Head Office Registration Student Support Finance
Institute for Open
Learning, Trustco
Building, c/o Robert
Mugabe & Dr Kenneth
David Kaunda,
Windhoek, Namibia
Tel: 061 275 4444
Fax: 061 275 4090
Email: iol@tgh.na
PO BOX 15007, KatuturaTelephone numbers for
different departments
Call Centre 061 275 4444
061 275 4376/
061 275 4873/
061 275 4343Marketer:
061 275 4145Help Desk &
061 275 4444
061 275 4642/
or 4359/4721/4713




Course Changes

Students can only apply for a course change, while the status of the student is still ACTIVE on IOLSAS under the following conditions:

  • The change must be within three (3) months after the registration date.
  • The price for the new course must be in line with the previous course.
  • The student should meet the requirements of the new course.
  • There will be no extension on the maximum study period allowed after a
    subject/course change.

The Course Change fee payable depends on the prices of the textbooks. The course and the subjects for the new course is determined by the Registrar in cooperation with the Material Management official and Trustco Finance.

RE – ALLOCATE the course to another student 
Should a student no longer be interested in studying the course registered for, the course can be re-allocated to another student on condition:

  • That the new student meets the requirements for the course;
  • The financier, whether there was a cash payment or a loan agreement signed with Trustco Finance will remain intact.


Address, Examination Venue, School, Salary Number, Pay Point

It is the responsibility of the student to notify IOL of any changes to his/her contact details, information relating to his/her studies, examination venue, school, and salary number or pay point. The student can change his/her details by completing a Change of Details form and submitting it at any IOL Regional Office, or sending it via email to iol@tgh.na.

IOL will not be held responsible for any consequences the student may suffer as a result of failure to notify of change in details. Valuable information regarding studies might be lost if IOL does not have updated information. The Change of Details form is available for changes of postal address, mobile phone number,course change and module change at all IOL Offices.


All Diploma in Education: Secondary (DES) Education qualification registered students will receive a Kindle E-Book reader on which all study material will be loaded. If a student opts to have hard copies of the study material he/she will have to pay an extra fee for such copies. Students will then be required to indicate as to which study materials they would like to have as hard copies and prices or costs of the study materials will be communicated to them.

The dispatching of textbooks and study guides will be done directly from IOL Head Office in Windhoek. Study materials will be delivered through courier services. The student should indicate his/her preferred option of delivery of study material on his/her registration document i.e. collection at Regional Office, or via courier delivery.

Study material sent via courier services, must be collected from the courier office within three (3) months. If the package is not collected within three (3) months it will be returned to IOL and the student will be liable for the cost of postage.

If the student has not received study material within 3 weeks after registration they should contact the nearest IOL office to follow up.


IOL has Student Support Resource Centers, with a Regional Coordinator to assist, at all Regional Offices across Namibia (to make your studies as convenient as possible). Students have access to a library for all prescribed and recommended study material (guides and textbooks). These centres are equipped with computers, internet, and fax facilities.


What is a Student Counsellor?

A person trained to give guidance on educational, personal, social or psychological challenges faced by students, that are likely to affect their learning.

Reasons to Seek Counselling

Academic challenges

  • Career guidance
  • Study methods
  • Time management
  • Examination preparation programmes
  • Adjusting to distance/online learning

Psychological/personal challenges

  • Stress management
  • Life transitions and change
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Low self-esteem

Roles/Responsibilities of a Counsellor

  • Provides information and assistance to students about a wide range of matters relating to personal problems, learning difficulties and special learning requirements.
  • Provides academic guidance and recommends future career options.
  • Guides students to understand their potential and provides direction to pursue their goals.
  • Seeks to find solutions to behavioural problems.
  • Works as a mediator between the student and the Institution’s authorities in the case of disputes and tries to resolve it.
  • Student counsellors may counsel people one-on-one. Counsellors may also work with students in groups, such as directing group sessions during a presentation.

NOTE: Student counselling is not compulsory, but voluntary for all IOL students.
Contact Details: Tel: 061 275 4444/4348
Office Hours: 08h00 – 16h30 Monday to Friday

Counselling services will be available in the regions during schedule intervals throughout the year. Students and Regional Offices will be informed when these sessions take place.


The Student Representative Council (SRC) was established to represent the students views, concerns and grievances. The names and contact details of the SRC members are available on the IOL website and Facebook page. Students are free to contact their SRC members regarding any IOL matters as the SRC is the liaison between IOL and the students.


Contact Classes and Vacation School in eight regions hosted on Saturdays. These are assignment-based, examination-based and focus is put on subjects where students struggle to perform. Contact class timetables are published in the Informanté newspaper and website/Facebook page.

The Contact Class presentations are made available on YouTube and the Student Portal, the following week.


Each student has to submit a minimum required sum of assignments to qualify for the examinations.

Assignments ensure a student admission to the examination. Once a student meets the minimum requirements for the examination, the student does not need to resubmit the assignment.

Assignment due dates: 15 January and 15 June.
IOL requires of students to complete assignments within a stipulated time-frame reasonable to the type of course, subject and assignment. Assignments can be found on the Student Portal and at Regional Offices. All students are responsible for submitting their assignments on time.

12.1 Assessment policy

Assessment per semester module consists of one assignment:

  • A 50% semester assessment mark is required for admission to examinations.
  • A final pass mark of 50% is required, calculated by 60% of the examination mark and 40% of the semester/continuous assessment mark.
  • A sub-minimum of 50% must be achieved in the examination.
  • The setting and marking of examination papers are moderated

12.2 Closing Dates for All Assignments

In order to ensure that assignments reach the Institute for Open Learning securely,students should do one of the following:

  • Mail the original assignment per registered mail (keep a copy) to:
    Institute for Open Learning
    Private Bag 15007
  • Use a courier service and courier the original to:
    Institute for Open Learning
    c/o Robert Mugabe & Dr Kenneth David Kaunda,
    Trustco (North) Building, 1st Floor
  • Deliver the assignment to any one of our Regional Offices:
    Gobabis; Katima Mulilo; Keetmanshoop; Ongwediva; Otjiwarongo; Rundu; Walvis Bay; Windhoek, Gobabis

When assignments are handed in at any one of the abovementioned offices, please make sure that you get the acknowledgement slip to take home with you. This will be proof of your date of submission.


School Based Studies (SBS) is a compulsory subject for the Diploma in Education. It is the practical part of training, where the student has to go to a secondary school for two periods of four weeks each.


Basic First Aid is a compulsory subject for the Diploma in Education. Basic First Aid will work as follows:

The student will be informed via text message and have to book for the BFA training that will be presented on Saturdays. The Basic First Aid training expenses are covered by IOL. If a student booked and misses the scheduled training or fail the training for whatever reason, the student will be required to pay for the next training.

Students have an option to attend their BFA training elsewhere for as long as the provider of the course is accredited.

Students have to make sure that their certificate is valid upon completion of their courses for them to be allowed to graduate.


Examination venues

  • Examination venues are indicated on the application forms. Please see the list below for more information on this;
  • Changing Examination venue is requested in writing a month prior to examinations;
  • Examinations are written in April/May (first semester) and August/September (second semester) every year;
  • Contact us at 061 275 4353 for queries regarding examinations and venues.

Examination venues are in the following towns:

Region/Town Venue
Gobabis Gobabis Teachers Resource Centre (TRC)
Grootfontein Friedrich Awaseb
Karasburg Karasburg Teachers Resource Centre (TRC)
Katima Mulilo Brendan Simbwaye Primary School
Keetmanshoop IOL Office
Khorixas Khorixas Teachers Resource Centre (TRC)
Lüderitz Lüderitz Library
Mariental Mariental Secondary School
Okakarara Okakarara Secondary School
Omaruru Omaruru Library
Ondangwa Heroes Primary School
Ongwediva ELCIN Centre
Oshakati David Sheehama Senior Secondary School
Otjiwarongo Paresis Secondary School
Opuwo Putuavanga Secondary School
Rehoboth Dr. Lemmer Secondary School
Rundu Noordgrens Secondary School
Usakos Usakos Senior Secondary School
Walvis Bay Walvis Bay IOL Office
Windhoek Orban Primary School

A student can write examinations ONLY at the examination venue indicated on their Admission Permit. Please take careful note of the details given below regarding the examination procedures to know what is expected.

Examination sessions

Morning Session      09:00 – 12:00
Afternoon Session   14:00 – 17:00

April/May Examination (during the school holidays)
August/September Examination (during the school holidays)
The student should take note of the dates and times as indicated on his/her examination timetable.


IOL students have 2 examination credits for each subject. If an IOL student fails a subject, he/she will be allowed a free examination re-write. Should a subject be failed for the second time, the student will have to re-register for that specific subject. That subject can then be written during the next examination session.

16.1 Course Duration

Please note the exact duration of your course. Should the duration of your course be exceeded, your studies will be terminated. The Diploma in Education should be completed in three (3) years (6 examination sessions).

Before your last examination opportunity, you will receive a notice informing you that you only have one more opportunity before termination of your studies.


The student should ensure the exact duration of the course to be registered for (maximum duration) in order to not exceed the time allowed. If a student exceeds the time allowed, the studies will be terminated.


The Graduation Ceremony will be held once a year. Students will be notified in advance.

Please note that certificates will only be printed 5 times a year therefore if you do not complete all your subjects including SBS you will have to wait for the next print date for your certificate to be issued. The dates depend on examination results and SBS submission due date.


  • Trustco Finance offers 100% financing on all IOL courses with easy repayment options ranging between 6 to 60 months.
  • Government employees are encouraged to register, as preference is given to these individuals. However, our offices will gladly accept any application from a non-government employee, provided that the client meets the minimum requirements during the credit approval process. Clients are encouraged to make bank deposits to:
    Account name:       Trustco Finance
    Bank:                          First National Bank
    Account number: 62122858452
    Branch code:          281872
    Reference:               Student number
  • In the event of a cash deposit, a client must provide a deposit slip to Trustco Finance by either faxing it to 061 270 9302, or delivering it by hand.
  • Upon the approval of a loan, the principle debt that is outstanding will attract monthly interest at a rate linked to the Bank of Namibia’s repo rate. These rates are calculated on a daily balance and are capitalised monthly.


  • Electronic Book (Kindle)
    All Education qualifications are accompanied by an Electronic Book called the Kindle. The Kindle is preloaded with content by IOL and new material can be uploaded at any time throughout the study period. Loaded on the Kindle are the study guides and some textbooks in e-format. The dispatching of electronic books/Kindles, textbooks and study guides will be done directly from the IOL Head Office in Windhoek. Study material will be delivered through postal or courier services. IOL will dispatch the study material to the nearest IOL Regional Offices or Nampost office. Study material sent through the local postal services, must be collected from the Post Office within 15 working days. If the material is not collected within the stipulated 15 working days it will be returned to IOL. If you have not received your material within 3 weeks after registration, you should contact the nearest IOL office. No study material will be dispatched while stock take is in progress. Stock take will be done the last day of the month as well as the first three (3) days of the following month.
  • The IOL Mobile Office visits remote areas where there are no Regional Offices. The Mobile Bus (Office) schedule is published in the Informanté newspaper, the IOL website and on the IOL Facebook page.
  • Access the Internet, access to the IOL website and a unique e-mail address is provided.
  • Student Cards are provided.
  • A monthly SCOPE is published in the Informanté newspaper. The Scope is used to answer frequently asked questions, announce competition winners and provide detailed information on IOL’s various course offerings.
  • A study buddy system list is available for students to contact other students doing the same course or subject. Students can contact their nearest IOL Regional Office for a list.
  • All courses are offered with a free English Grammar Course.
  • Face-to-face, DVD and radio induction sessions are offered at all eight (8) Regional Offices.
  • Free course information booklets.
  • Access to the EBSCO Online Library via the IOL website.
  • Free Wi-Fi facilities available at all Regional Offices.
  • Free 5G Data
  • Free Office 365
  • Institute for Open Learning YouTube channel where IOL students can view the contact class presentations and content-based DVDs

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