Regional Office CIF number/ Student number Cellphone Number E-mail Address
Walvis Bay
Mathew Seibeb               ACPE SEIB0286CB 0812427535
Salmon Ruhaka               DPPE RUHA0002CD 0812322733
Katima Mulilo
Edinah Lyomba              DPPE LYOM0002CW 0812205010
Erwin Ndumba               DPPE NDUM0227CO 0816854580
Maria Uushona               DPPE UUSH0314CE 0813440418
Ruusa Kalola                    DJPE KALO0284CE 0813833012
Tutaleni David       BESP DAVI0700CX 081 6862816

Roles and responsibilities of the SRC

  • Members of the SRC should submit a comprehensive monthly report of activities, challenges and progress observed per the template provided by the institution.
  • They must encourage students to air their views through meetings over chat groups/e-mails etc. Minutes and attendance list must be provided to IOL.
  • They should communicate information from the students to the management of the Institution through reports and e-mails. Every correspondence should be in writing.
  • They should attend meetings with management when needed (IOL will be responsible for the cost incurred during the meeting i.e travelling and accommodation)
  • Communicate information from institution to students when need be.
  • Ensure general welfare of students at the institution
  • Plays an advisory role to the institutions management as well as the students in matters involving students.
  • Seeks to build healthy student-institution relationship.
  • Be responsible for all learning matters affecting students.
  • Protecting students against prejudice and discrimination based on race, gender or any other barriers.

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