IOL, through the use of its Mobile Office has designed an innovative strategy that better caters to all our valued students, providing superior student support in all parts of the country. The primary objective of the IOL Mobile Office is to accommodate IOL students in various parts of the country where an IOL office is not available. This service comes at no extra cost to the student and is available during active academic semesters. The services offered and schedule of the Mobile Office is available on the “Services” and “Schedule” tabs of the Student Portal.


Among others, assistance rendered on the mobile office are:

Student Support:

  • New registrations
  • Queries and questions
  • Study guides and textbooks
  • Examinations and assignments
  • Results
  • Study buddy lists

Trustco Finance:

  • Application for a study loans
  • Payments
  • Application for refunds
  • Print statements

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