IOL Newsletter

August 2023

Important Announcements

Dear IOL Student,

We are reaching out to provide essential details concerning the reviewed qualification at IOL and the accompanying transition plan resulting from the review.

Per the Namibia Qualifications Authority Act, 1996 (Act No. 29 of 1996), in conjunction with Regulation No. 125, 2006, it is mandatory to review qualifications within five (5) years of registration. As an accredited institution, IOL is committed to continually improving our qualifications to align with industry standards and the evolving educational landscape. This review ensures that our qualifications remain relevant, current, and aligned with required competencies.


While the structure of subjects per semester and year remains unchanged for this qualification, adjustments have been made to content, rules, and components. However, these changes do not significantly alter the abilities described in previous qualification versions. Thus, students with the new qualifications are deemed equivalent to those with prior versions.

For a seamless transition, we have established a timeline and guidelines, with comprehensive information to follow. Our staff will support you through the process.

Find detailed transition arrangements letter by following this link:

Our dedicated academic advisors and administrative staff are available to guide you through this transition, addressing questions or uncertainties.

Stay updated through emails, student portals, and official announcements. Your proactive engagement ensures you’re informed of developments. We value your input and encourage questions.

Embrace this transition as a growth opportunity. It contributes to your personal and professional journey.

For immediate concerns, contact the transition team at .

We appreciate your attention and look forward to this journey together.

Best regards,

IOL Management

Admission advisor & Freelancer of the Month

We are thrilled to announce that Jacob Amagulu and Nehemia Shoombe has been awarded the Top Admission Advisor and Freelancer of the Month! They have demonstrated remarkable dedication, exceptional sales skills, and a true commitment to customer satisfaction.

Once again, congratulations on this well-deserved accomplishment!


Alumni Stories

I am a proud IOL graduate! Class of 2020 and currently a grade 1 teacher at a well-known private school.

Natalia M. Iitembu

Thank you IOL. I am a 2022 Diploma in Education (DE) graduate and currently a proud grade 8 to 12 Mathematics teacher.

Owen L. Ilukena

I am a 2021 DJPE graduate and currently a proud Grade 0 teacher. Thank you IOL!

Lahya M. Tjilumbu

IOL made me who I am today, a proud Grade 3 teacher at one of the best private schools in Windhoek. Class of 2022 graduates.

Silka N Shikongo

I am a proud Diploma in Pre-Primary education (DPPE) graduate. Class of 2018 and had the privilege of teaching Junior Primary for 3 years. I furthered my studies through IOL and scooped an ACPE qualification in 2021 and it’s now my second year teaching Senior Primary.

Kristine T. Ashipala

Shape the Future

Student Counsellor’s Corner

Dressing Impressively for Interviews – Your attire when going for a job interview plays a pivotal role in creating that all-important first impression. Remember, your potential employer’s initial judgment will largely be based on your appearance and attire.

Even if the company has a relaxed dress code, it’s essential to dress professionally for an interview. You don’t want to make just a good impression; you want to make a lasting and remarkable one. Think of it this way: a candidate in a well-fitted suit and tie will leave a much stronger impression than someone in scruffy jeans and a casual t-shirt.

Tips for Men’s Interview Attire:

Wear a suit in a solid color like navy or dark grey.
Pair it with a long-sleeve white shirt coordinated with the suit.
Don’t forget a belt, tie, and conservative leather shoes with dark socks.
Keep jewellery to a minimum or avoid it altogether.
Maintain a neat, professional hairstyle.
Limit the use of aftershave.
Ensure neatly trimmed nails.

Tips for Women’s Interview Attire:

Choose a suit in a solid color like navy or dark grey.
Ensure the skirt is long enough for comfortable sitting.
Coordinate with a conservative blouse.
Wear conservative shoes.
Keep jewelry subtle; avoid dangling earrings or excessive bracelets.
Maintain a professional hairstyle.
Opt for neutral pantyhose.
Use light makeup and perfume sparingly.
Keep your nails neatly manicured.

General Interview Tips:

Avoid chewing gum during the interview.
If you have multiple piercings, limit them to one.
Conceal any visible tattoos.
Ensure your shoes are polished.
Freshen your breath with a mint before entering the building.
Greet everyone you encounter in the building politely.
Leave your cell phone behind or switch it off during the interview.

Remember, your appearance sets the tone for the interview and can significantly influence your chances of success. Dressing professionally not only makes you look the part but also boosts your confidence and leaves a lasting positive impression on potential employers.

Counselor's Corner

New Bush Hats Available