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March 2024

Important Announcements

Subject: Institute for Open Learning (IOL) April 2024 Electronic Examinations

Dear IOL student

Please familiarize yourself with this vital information before you commence with the upcoming examination. Students who qualify for the April 2024 examinations will have the opportunity to write examinations electronically. The electronic April 2024 examination is scheduled for 02 to 17 April 2024, and will consist of one session scheduled between 14:20 and 18:10, daily and on Saturday’s 08:20 and 12:10. No tutors will be available for assistance from 01 to 18 April 2024.


The procedures for the assessment and evaluation of the IOL April Electronic Examinations can be accessed by following this link: on the IOL website. Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the following:

1. The assessment procedural guidelines applicable to all IOL students writing the April Examination.

2. The steps outlined to access, download and upload the examination question paper.

3. Tips to ease your April 2024 Electronic Examinations.

4. The IOL April 2024 Electronic Examination Terms and Conditions which includes the examination ethics and integrity.

5. Everything regarding academic honesty and integrity and academic misconduct and the action to be taken in such cases.

Please note that IOL will do a plagiarism check before sending your examination scripts for marking and moderation. Should any form of academic dishonesty including plagiarism or copying be detected, the specific answer script will not be send for marking and you will receive an email informing you that the script will not be marked. All students found guilty of academic dishonesty during this process will receive a letter after the examination to outline the actitation that will be taken as outlined in the Institute for Open Learning (IOL) April 2024 Electronic Examinations Guidelines.

The guidelines on how to download, upload and view the IOL April electronic examinations question papers can be accessed by following this link: on the IOL website. This step-by-step guide, with illustrations, will explain the electronic examination process to you. The process is similar to the process that you followed with your electronic assignments.

Please take note that you are required to download your examination timetable which are available on your student portal after the booking, before 02April 2024, because the timetables will not be available once the examination commenced.

IOL wishes to thank each and every student for their commitment and support.

Should you have any queries or need more information, please contact us on the following platforms:


WhatsApp: 085 715 4864

Call Centre: 061 – 270 9100


IOL Management

Student Counsellor’s Corner


As the exam season approaches, it’s crucial to equip yourself with effective strategies to maximise your performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through this challenging period:

1. Obtaining Past Question Papers:

Accessing past question papers is an invaluable method for practicing exam-style questions. Utilise these resources to familiarise yourself with the format and types of questions you may encounter.

2. Familiarise Yourself with the Examination Timetable:

Ensure you’re aware of the precise timing of your exams and allocate sufficient time to log in to the student portal. Download your examination timetable promptly after the booking period concludes to avoid any last-minute confusion.

3. Approach to Answering Examination Questions:

Understand the Question: Carefully read and comprehend each question before formulating your response.
Plan Your Answer: Outline key points you intend to address before you commence writing.
Time Management: Allocate your time wisely, distributing it proportionally among the questions you need to answer.
Organised Expression: Present your thoughts coherently and concisely, focusing on the essential points.
Avoid Overwriting: Stick to the relevant information required to answer the question effectively.
Comparison and Contrast: Differentiate between similarities and differences when prompted to compare and contrast.
Descriptive Engagement: Instead of mere listing, elaborate on concepts and ideas with complete sentences.
Definition Clarity: Provide clear and concise definitions akin to those found in textbooks’ glossaries.
Listing: When appropriate, utilise simple lists to enumerate concepts or terms.
Interpret Data: Articulate the significance of data or figures in written form.
Diagrams and Illustrations: Incorporate visual aids where necessary, ensuring clarity with labelled diagrams.

4. Submission Protocols:

Allocate ample time to upload your exam answer script before the deadline.
Download the converted exam answer script as proof of submission and to verify its accuracy.

By adhering to these exam preparation guidelines, you’ll enhance your readiness and confidence, ultimately paving the way for success during this crucial period. Remember to stay focused, stay organised, and reach out for support whenever needed. Good luck!

Counselor's Corner

Alumni Stories

I am a proud IOL graduate! Class of 2020 and currently a grade 1 teacher at a well-known private school.

Natalia M. Iitembu

Thank you IOL. I am a 2022 Diploma in Education (DE) graduate and currently a proud grade 8 to 12 Mathematics teacher.

Owen L. Ilukena

I am a 2021 DJPE graduate and currently a proud Grade 0 teacher. Thank you IOL!

Lahya M. Tjilumbu

IOL made me who I am today, a proud Grade 3 teacher at one of the best private schools in Windhoek. Class of 2022 graduates.

Silka N Shikongo

I am a proud Diploma in Pre-Primary education (DPPE) graduate. Class of 2018 and had the privilege of teaching Junior Primary for 3 years. I furthered my studies through IOL and scooped an ACPE qualification in 2021 and it’s now my second year teaching Senior Primary.

Kristine T. Ashipala

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